Friday, 6 February 2009

The Pilgrimage begins.

After a few weeks I am getting fitter. Then from a clear sky a massive problem develops. This involves others, so it would not be right to outline the difficulties here. It is enough to say that it was a cataclysmic earthquake of a difficulty that disrupted everything.For here on in I will call it the great big problem ~gbp for short. The gbp was spiralling out of control and I had no idea of how to deal with it or how to mend it. It did seem obvious that if I ducked out for a month+ to go to Spain there might not be much of my life to which I could return. So I stayed home. The gbp grew and grew. Every way I turned I could not turn this problem. Getting into May now, very near the start or should have been the start of the pilgrimage. A small window opens. In discussion it is put to me that if I was not around then things could settle. It might bring about a resolution that opened the way into a future of some sort. Perhaps if I was away somewhere then it would give space to all concerned. Spain seemed as good a place as any. I must admit that I did not have much of an appetite for pilgrimage anymore. Should I go or stay? I went. A few days to go. No walking or training since to emergence of the gbp weeks ago. I was worried that I would not be able to walk all that way. Too late now. There is no stopping this. I have to go. I am sitting in a plane at the end of the runway at Stansted. My heart is full. I am going on pilgrimage. I begin to weep silently, in a way to no one will notice. My head is turned towards the window. No on can see my face. Tears of joy begin to stream down my cheeks. I cannot believe that with all the problems I am on the way. There is a surge of power, a leap of the plane and a great jump down the runway. We are off. As the plane climbs so does my heart. This is some buzz.

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