Monday, 1 November 2010

We're back and not a little changed!

I am back from the Camino Portugues and from a short holiday in South
West England. Did you miss me. A month has gone by, where has it gone?
 I see that this blogger is delivering another strange format once more.
 How do you guys do yours and produce such a good
shape? It always gives me trouble and I have to spend hours sorting
 in out. Anyway enough of the moans. The pilgrimage was good. Mixed
weather. Good company,but not an easy trip with many reversals.
 This time I had a real problem with my left knee.As leader I felt
that I had to go on as best I could, whilst keeping up with the group.
Therefore I walked over 100k in some pain.
The walking was not too difficult, the legs kept swinging
back and forth. Any lateral pressures would produce sharp pains. This
was on top of a constant base line ache. It really taught me the meaning
 of pilgrimage as a lifestyle..... We keep going, because we
keep going and that is what we do. And we do it until the day
that we walk  into heaven. The pain is nothing compared to the joy of
that day. And it was wonderful to get to Santiago 
and rest. Now two weeks later, it still hurts, but is getting better.
On arrival at Santiago I said that I am not going to go again.
As I said it I knew that I didn't
really mean it. Perhaps I could walk from Northampton to Santiago
next year via Portsmouth; Santander; Oviedo; Lugo ....
... It does have a certain appeal.