Thursday, 22 July 2010

The energies of God in Pilgrimage

The Church Fathers, those early devines of the 3rd and 4th century made a distinction between the inaccessible essence of God and the energies by which he makes his inexhaustible essence available. These energies are at the same time plain and not so plain. The energies of creation that display to us the creative love that communicates beauty and a grace that Iis at its best magnificent, but marred by the these energies are plain to see, just open your eyes as you walk today. The wonderful downs the flowers and beasts in the field, the people who we pass. All show the glory of God. His not so pain energies are not hidden, but by their nature must be looked for another way. His energy that keep the beast of the field alive, the sustaining life of the earth. the creative word that moved across the face of the deep is still at work. Even if, like the wind we cannot see it we are aware of the presence and effects of it. These creative Energies have their focus in the person of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel~ God with us, God saving us, God liberating us. We know God by his energies which freely flow from him into all life. As we walk a humble openness is all that is needed to receive his Energy. Be open to the countryside ,yes by all means. But also be open to meeting him in others. All have the image. The likeness of God and his energies within.

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